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14 Nights | Classic | Bogota - Armenia - Cartagena - Santa Marta - Bogota
  • City: Bogota
  • Duration: 14 Nights
  • From: GBP 1694
  • Itinerary: Bogota - Zipaquira - Armenia - Filandia - Valle del Cocora - Salento - Cartagena - Santa Marta - Parque Tayrona - Bogota
Day-By- Day - Programme

Date Itinerary in Brief Accommodation Arrangements

Day 1 - Private transfer from Bogota, El Dorado airport to hotel Hotel Abadia Colonial - Standard Hotel de La Opera - Upgrade

Day 2 - Half day walking tour of La Candalaria Hotel Abadia Colonial - Standard Hotel de La Opera - Upgrade

Day 3 - Half day tour to Zipaquira and Salt Cathedral Hotel Abadia Colonial - Standard Hotel de La Opera - Upgrade

Day 4 - Morning flight to Armenia. PM - Canopy Tour Standard PM - Massage - Upgrade Hotel Bosque del Saman - Standard Hacienda Bambusa - Upgrade

Day 5 - Full day Coffee Culture tour Hotel Bosque del Saman - Standard Hacienda Bambusa - Upgrade

Day 6 - Day at leisure Two Hours Horse Riding - Upgrade Hotel Bosque del Saman - Standard Hacienda Bambusa - Upgrade

Day 7 - Full day tour of Filandia, Valle Cocora and Salento Hotel Bosque del Saman - Standard Hacienda Bambusa - Upgrade

Day 8 - Morning flight to Cartagena. Afternoon at leisure Hotel Alfiz - Standard Sofitel Santa Clara - Upgrade

Day 9 - Morning Walking Tour of Historic centre Hotel Alfiz - Standard Sofitel Santa Clara - Upgrade

Day 10 - Day at Leisure in Cartagena Hotel Alfiz - Standard Sofitel Santa Clara - Upgrade

Day 11 - Guided Transfer to Santa Marta or Parque Tayrona Boutique Hotel Santorini Santa Marta - Standard Ecohabs Parque Tayrona - Upgrade

Day 12 - Full Day Tour to Tayrona - Standard Day at leisure in Tayrona - Upgrade Boutique Hotel Santorini - Standard Ecohabs - Upgrade

Day 13 - Day at leisure Boutique Hotel Santorini - Standard Ecohabs - Upgrade

Day 14 - Fly from Cartagena , Rafael Nuñez to Bogota, El Dorado airport Hotel Grand House - Standard Sofitel Victoria Regia - Upgrade

Day 15 - Private transfer from Hotel to Airport

Day 01 - Bogota

Private transfer from airport to hotel

You will be met by your bi lingual guide & driver and transferred from the airport directly to your hotel.

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Day 02 - Bogota

Half day walking tour of La Candelaria

You will be met from your hotel by your Bilingual guide to commence your walking tour through the streets of La Candelaria Bogota. La Candelaria is Bogotaís heart and soul, from its humble beginnings this is the oldest part of the city and the Plaza Bolivar or Main Square are high on any visitorís agenda. The Bolivar Square (La Plaza de Bolivar) is the focal point of this historic part of the city. Surrounding the square are several important Colonial and Republican style buildings including the Palace of Justice and Colombian Congress, they embrace the square infusing it with history and tales of old. The Plaza is also home to the Mayorís office and the Primary Cathedral of Bogota that dominates an entire corner. Standing proud in the plazas centre is a statue of Simon Bolivar (The founder of Colombian independence) this was the first public monument to be erected in the city.

As you relax in a cafe and wander the streets of La Candelaria away from the main square and exploring other parts of this historic hub, your guide will not only explain the history of Bogota but also the intricacies of current Colombian culture and daily life. In order to understand Colombia you need to understand the history of its capital, your tour of the historic part of Bogota will lay the foundations for the rest of your trip helping you to understand how this complex and fascinating county ticks.

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Day 03 - Zipaquira

Full day tour to Zipaquira and the Salt Cathedral

You will be met from your hotel by your driver and taken directly to Zipaquira for your full day tour of Zipaquira and the Salt Cathedral, a journey of about approximately 2 hours to reach Zipaquira.

For some this is a religious monument, others a celebration of engineering or maybe even an artistic masterpiece. One of the marvels of Colombia, the Salt Cathedral of Zipaquira is well worth the visit. For the beauty of its landscapes, the richness of its earth and the hidden jewel beneath the earthís surface, Zipaquira is somewhat of a must during a stay in Bogot·. Travelling north of the city, through countryside once occupied by the native Muisca Indians, Zipaquira is one of the more popular tourist destinations in Colombia. Zipaquira is most famous for its Cathedral carved underground in a still functioning salt mines just west of the town.

The subtle lighting pronounces the fourteen Stations of the Cross as you descend in to the mine, each station sculpted by a different artist. At the deepest point of the cathedral, 180 m below the earthís surface, you encounter the nave and the north and south aisles dominated by the 16m high central cross. The illumination and execution of the work is a tribute to modern techniques and years of work from the miners and artists. Your guide will explain all about the cathedrals construction and how it and the mine still function in harmony. However you view this construction, you canít fail to be impressed by its size and grandeur.

Around the central square of the town of Zipaquira the colonial buildings still hold their charm footed by brickwork paving and overlooked by the Cathedral Diocesana de San Antonio.

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Day 04 - Full day tour of Filandia, Valle Cocora and Salento

Fly to city of Armenia in the Coffee Region.

Private Transfer from hotel with English Speaking Guide. Morning flight to Armenia.

On arrival in Armenia you will be met by your English speaking guide and transferred to your hotel.

Afternoon: Canopy tour ñ Standard programme.

A canopy tour is a great way to see Colombia's landscape and agriculture from above. To get started, you step into a harness that tightens and secures you around your legs and waist. From there, you climb an elevated launching deck where your harness is secured to two cables that will take you to a secured landing spot. On each flight, you and your harness are connected to two zip line cables for double security, and you only need to sit and relax with your weight in the harness as you fly from Point A to Point B. After you land your guide disconnects your harness from the zip line, and you walk (or hike, as the case may be) to the next launching deck for more action.

The Lines pass over coffee plantations and terrain that can be appreciated form this higher elevation, and speed!

Afternoon: One Hour Massage - Upgrade Programme

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Day 05 - Full day tour of Coffee Culture tour

Full day Coffee Culture tour.

This tour will give you a true impression of the life and culture encompassed by the Coffee region. Coffee is the heart and soul of this area and today you will see how this simple bean affects every part of the region. From quaint towns and stunning views, this is a full day insight into the "Triangulo Del Cafe". You will visit the settlements of Cordoba, Pijao, and Buena Vista, enjoy a typical lunch and learn about the coffee process. You will make your way through the coffee covered hills and valleys, to your first port of call, Cordoba is one of the twelve municipalitiesí that form the department of QuindÌo. With a sense of time stopped still, the buildings are aching under their own weight and the atmosphere is one of calm. During the day many of the local inhabitants work the steep slopes amongst the coffee plantations upon which the town is dependant. Itís a great place to sit and drink a coffee whilst watching the senior gentleman of the town play billiards at the club on the corner. Pijao, the next stop is known as "The place where the Herons come" for every night herons come to roost on the highest branches or so the story goes. Many of the inhabitants will be picking the coffee whilst the rest are centre stage in the plaza sipping coffee and chatting. You will discover the intricate process of coffee cultivation. Discovering how this lowly bean keeps the world energised and effect daily life in this part of Colombia. You will be taken through the entire process from the planting to the picking and toasting to the tasting! Colombia is heavily dependent on coffee exports and you will start to understand the daily struggles of all those who depend on this plant for their survival. Buena Vista will be the final port of call along the Andean route. Sitting at 1450 masl with a population of just over 3000, Buena Vista's main source of employment is of course Coffee, but also the production of Plantain, black currents and to some extent, cattle.

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Day 06 - Private transfer from hotel to airport

Full day of leisure

A day at leisure in the Hacienda can be one of total relaxation, by the pool, reading under the shade of one of the balconies, watching humming birds flit, from one sweet feeder to the other. Or if you wish, to really get a feel for country life in the coffee region you can quite easily and safely walk in the locality. You will encounter a plethora of birds and butterflies, see the workers in the plantain and pineapple plantations and walk past the pastures grazed upon by the families herd of Brahma cattle.

Upgrade programme: At Hacienda Bambusa you will have the opportunity, should you wish, to explore the surrounding countryside on a two hour horse ride. Arranged by the owner of the hacienda.

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Day 07 - Half day walking tour of the Historic Centre

Full day tour of Filandia, Valle Cocora and Salento

You will be collected by your guide and driver to start your tour. This tour takes in the culture of the region along with the stunning natural beauty of the Cocora Valley.

This tour will take you from the far northeast of QuindÌo to the beautiful Valle Cocora where the magnificent Wax palm grows, in one of its few natural habitats, then onto the first settlement in QuindÌo of the modern era.

As you enter into Filandia, the first stop you know you are in the Coffee region of Colombia. The main square has not changed in appearance or in character in decades. Filandia does not have an attraction to visit; Filandia is the attraction. A coffee break in one of the many small coffee shops will allow you to take in the quaintness of uninterrupted lines of brightly painted houses in this traditional Pueblo of the region. The guide will explain about the culture and people of the region and how small pueblos (Villages) like this form the back bone of rural agricultural life, if you want to feel like you are seeing Colombia then look no further.

From Filandia you will drive to the Valle Cocora (Cocora Valley). Part of the wider Parque Nacional Los Nevados, the valley is located on the eastern limits of QuindÌo along the central Andean range. The valley has a unique landscape like a lush version of a Swiss valley. It has been regarded by Colombia as a sanctuary for its national symbol; the Wax Palm (Ceroxylon quindiuense). The Palms cover the Mountain range, which is now protected and declared monument to protect the tree itself and the endemic species that depend on it. The valley is spectacular and great for walking or horseback rides, either way this stunning mountain scenery will not fail to impress.

Salento is a municipality in the north eastern part of the department of QuindÌo. It was the first settlement in QuindÌo of modern times dating back to 1850, and the first municipality founded in the department. This picturesque town boasts a number of fine houses of traditional architectural style. Rimmed by distant snow capped mountains Salento has a real rural traditional feel.

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Day 08 - Half day driving tour of Cartagena

Private transfer from hotel to airport

You will be met by your Bilingual Guide and driver from your hotel and taken to the airport.

Fly Armenia to Cartagena, via Bogota

Private transfer from airport Rafael Nunez to your hotel

You will be met by your driver from the airport and taken directly to your hotel.

Afternoon at leisure

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Day 09 - Free day at leisure in the Park

Walking tour of the Historic Centre

You will be met by from your hotel by your guide to commence your walking tour through the streets of the Historic centre of Cartagena.

Carved from a colourful history rife of piracy, Sultry Caribbean heat, with fusions of African, indigenous and European culture, Cartagena is Colombiaís living, breathing and pulsating museum. Absurdly photogenic La Heroica (Heroic city) awards even the laziest of travellers. Colour splashes every corner, balconies overflow with blossom, and energy seeps beneath the ancient wooden doors of hotels, restaurants and Casa Privadas. Fresh fruit juices and seafood stalls are rich pickings within the myriad of cobbled streets.

Heels click instinctively with the throb of Salsa from CafÈ Havana, dance is integral, and voyeurism is out! Observe the hustle and bustle over a cool beer at Donde Fidels as street vendors add local colour to the cobbled highways.

Your tour will take through the old town under the Puerta Del Reloj (Clock tower entrance), a symbol of Cartagena, into the Plaza de los Coches. Your guide will divulge the myths and legends, histories and stories of Cartagena from ancient times right up to the present. From the Plaza San Pedro Claver with its stunning Church, on through to the Plaza Bolivar; with its shady areas, where a fresh Lemon juice can be enjoyed whilst watching the world go by. Cartagena is steeped in history and a delight to stroll the streets with your own personal encyclopaedia of knowledge guiding you from one interest to the other.

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Day 10 - Private transfer from Tayrona National Park to Cartagena

Free day in Cartagena

Cartagena is a fascinating place to spend some free time. You can idle away time wandering the cobbled streets, exploring the colonial alley ways and enjoying a cool fruit juice from a local street vendors or a coffee in a side walk cafe. There are great opportunities for people watching during the bustling and sultry heat of the day as the local CosteÒons go about their daily life of work and play in this vibrant and pulsating city. As the sun sets the city takes on a different beat. Few cities have such a dramatic change as the day turns in to night. The heat and hustle of the day submit to the rhythms of the evening, as the beats of Salsa and Cumbia reverberate from every door way it impossible to imagine a more romantic location than Cartagena after dark.

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Day 11 - Walking tour of the Historic Centre

Guided private 4 - 5 Hour transfer along the Caribbean coast to Santa Marta (Bello Horizonte) Standard programme & Parque Tayrona ñ Upgrade programme

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Day 12 - Half day driving tour of Cartagena

Full day tour to Parque Tayrona ñ Standard Programme

You will be picked up by your (Driver/guide/Bilingual guide) and transported to the park gates of Tayrona National Park. On the way you will pass along the foothills of the famous Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta the highest costal mountain range in the world. After passing through the main park entrance and check point you will continue for an additional 10 to 20 minutes along a rough gravel track to the end of the road trail. From here itís time to get your walking boots on and get ready to hit the costal paths, for those who prefer a more sedate pace horses can be arranged to carry you or your bags. Depending on your exact requirements the walk can be 30 minutes or so to one of the main beaches, where you can sit under hanging palms and watch the waves roll up the shore or a walk of a couple of hours or so to one of the main swimming beaches also located here are a number of great locally run restaurants for a nice lunch. Remember that during your walk you can look out for some of the Kogi tribesí people who still live in the park, plus the array of flora and fauna that you will pass during your trip. As you walk the guide will be on hand to explain not only the culture and history of the park but also about the wildlife that you may see on the way. Wherever you finish your walk you have the same trip back to the pickup point then transfer back to the hotel and time to reminisce over your trip to on one of the most unspoilt beaches of the region.

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Day 13 - Free day in Cartagena

Full day at leisure

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Day 14 - Private transfer from Hotel to Airport

Private transfer from hotel to Simon Bolivar Airport, Santa Marta for late morning/early afternoon flight to Bogota.
You will be met by your Bilingual driver from your hotel and taken to the airport.
Fly Santa Marta to Bogota.
Private transfer from airport El Dorado to your hotel
You will be met by your driver from the airport and taken directly to your hotel in the modern stylish north of Bogota. In contrast to your first nights in Bogota your final night will be spent in a more contemporary style hotel in the Zona Rosa. Here you will be able to easily walk to the many restaurants, bars, shops and nightclubs located in this neighbourhood.

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Day 15 - Private transfer from Hotel to Airport

You will be met by your Bilingual Guide and driver from your hotel and taken to the airport.

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Approx ADDITIONAL internal flight costs. Subject to availability at time of booking. Flight costs could be less or more depending on date of travel GBP Per person Bogota - Armenia £95.00 per person Armenia - Cartagena via Bogota £120.00 per person Santa Marta - Bogota £180.00 per person.
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L - Lunch
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  • Meals are only included if specified.
  • Airport departure taxes, Additional fuel surcharges.
  • Travel insurance.
  • Items of a personal nature i.e. Laundry, mini bar consumables, etc.
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